Crater Labs builds advanced machine learning systems that deliver lasting competitive advantage.

We leverage latest AI/ML research to develop elegant software that enables companies to unlock and capture value of their data, inform their decision making, create transformational products, and position themselves for growth through innovation.

We take on ambitious and, potentially, ground-breaking projects which are commonly referred to as moonshots.


The Anatomy of a Moonshot

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3 IGnition on

We work closely with your team to understand your business goals and priorities, your operating environment and identify risks and constrains. We review your technology roadmap, find points of leverage, set targets, assess ROI, prioritize, and devise risk mitigation and cost reduction strategies.

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We analyze your data, design and test inference models, validate assumptions, identify blind spots and discover what’s possible. We iterate until we hit the mark, design and build a scalable production system, document our discoveries, and transfer knowledge to your internal team.

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With your goals and constrains in mind, we help you deploy your artificial intelligence IP in the most cost-efficient way. We help you select and optimize infrastructure for hosting your AI/ML system, and assist with maintenance and support.

Recent Moonshots Worth Celebrating


Case Study 013

Generative adversarial networks (GAN) to denoise job applicant videos, deciphering foreign accents and eliminating bias in the process. ROI over 100%


Case study 004

Natural language processing (NLP) model for classification and segmentation of unstructured text of highly variable length. Payback period of less than 12 months.


Case study 008

NLP-based neural network to formulate context-aware questions and provide intelligent responses. Annual saving over $80K. Payback period of less than a year.