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Research as a Service

As an AI/ML research lab, we conduct research for and on behalf of our clients.


Our research aims to explore new ideas and implement novel deep learning models that advance the field of artificial intelligence while delivering a sizeable competitive advantage to our clients.

As the work progresses, valuable intellectual property is being generated for the clients. The knowledge is transferred to the clientโ€™s team which then implements, deploys and exploits successful models with or without our help. 

Crater Labsโ€™ proprietary methodology greatly reduces the risks and costs normally associated with daring moonshots.


Recent Engagements

case study 008

NLP-based neural network to formulate context-aware questions and provide intelligent responses. Annual saving over $80K. Payback period of less than a year.

case study 004

Natural language processing (NLP) model for classification and segmentation of unstructured text of highly variable length. Payback period of less than 12 months.

case study 013

Generative adversarial networks (GAN) to denoise job applicant videos, deciphering foreign accents and eliminating bias in the process. ROI over 100%